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The Youth Media Justice Project (YMJP) involves college media, student leadership and key faculty in understanding proposed changes in media policy, regulations, and laws that affect the power of citizens to monitor and control actions and decisions by their government over who controls the media. The project’s goal is to add their viewpoints to the public discourse and enlist their peers and colleagues in the broader youth and academic communities in aggressively participating in media reform decision-making and rule changing processes so that they fully reflect the public interest and the fundamental principles of a citizen governed democracy.


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Feb. 8, 2007 Emory University
Topic: Local Ownership and Control
Nov. 16, 2006 Georgia State University
Topic: Threat to Non Commercial Media
October 25, 2006 Clark Atlanta University
Topic: Internet Access Rule Changes
Sept. 27 2006 Morehouse College
Topic: Media Ownership Rule Changes
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Potential Roadblocks on the Information Superhighway
Community Access TV Threatened
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Media Ownership Rules
Today, six corporations control most of what you see on television. Read the overview, history and issues at

Also see: and


Internet Rules
Consumer Groups Warn Against Video Franchising Bill

FCC Supports Broadband over Power Lines

Congressional Research Service has said the broadband market is three times as concentrated as what the Department of Justice allows. "(Broadband) is not just some run of the mill product like a toaster or a lawnmower — it is the data pipe over which all future communications will run"


Public and Non Commercial Media
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps called it "the single most important public policy debate that the FCC will tackle this year." Read excerpts from the media coverage and what consumer, civil rights, labor and other groups are saying about the media ownership debate. Read More

The FCC reportedly destroyed evidence a couple of years ago that would have undermined their justification for loosening media ownership rules. Local news produced by independently owned outlets provide Americans a valuable tool in the public debate of issues. FCC data showing that consolidation reduces local news coverage directly contradicted FCC claims that consolidation would benefit the public. But this important data never saw the light of day until now, when a remaining copy was leaked to Senator Barbara Boxer of California. Read More

Survey say consumers want fair, balanced and equal time in programs like Sinclair’s treatment of John Kerry which reached ¼ of all Americans. Read More

Study Says Media Consolidation Shuts Out Minorities and Women. Read More

Study says TV lured voters away from other media with more political coverage and coincided with sharp drops in consumption of newspapers and radio, and in political knowledge. Read More


Local Ownership and Control
Consumers Union